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Ruling on teaching Qur’aan to a non-Muslim

My question is i have a close friend, who is intending to convert after she finishes her studies, she is very interested in Islam, and I\’ve been teaching her verses such as Al-fatiha and Ayat Al-Kursi off by heart, and she has very willingly learnt them off by heart, is this permissable though because at the moment she is not muslim yet?

Praise be to Allaah.


There is nothing wrong with teaching Qur’aan to a non-Muslim if there is the hope that he will become Muslim and benefit from this teaching.

Al-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Our companions said: The kaafir should not be prevented from listening to the Qur’aan but he should be prevented from touching the Mushaf. But is it permissible to teach him Qur’aan? That depends. If there is no hope that he will become Muslim, it is not permissible, but if there is the hope that he will become Muslim, it is permitted according to the sounder opinion; this was the definitive view of al-Qaadi Husayn, and was regarded as more correct by al-Baghawi and others. End quote.

Al-Majmoo‘, 2/85

Ibn Hajar (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

This is an issue concerning which the early generation differed. Maalik did not allow teaching Qur’aan to a kaafir; Abu Haneefah gave a concession allowing it; and the view of al-Shaafa‘i differed. What seems to be the correct view is that there should be a differentiation between the one who it is hoped will become Muslim and there is certainty that he is not learning it in order to criticize it, and the one who it is certain it will have no positive impact on him or it is thought likely that this will enable him to attack Islam. And Allah knows best. A differentiation should also be made between teaching a little of it or a lot. End quote.

Fath al-Baari, 6/107

Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And if anyone of the Mushrikoon (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allaah) seeks your protection then grant him protection so that he may hear the Word of Allaah (the Qur’aan) and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not”

[al-Tawbah 9:6].

Al-Shawkaani (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

What is meant is that if any of the mushrikeen whom you are commanded to fight seeks your protection, then give him protection, i.e., protect him and keep him safe so that he can hear the Word of Allah from you and ponder it properly and understand the truth to which you are calling him. Then escort him to a place of safety, i.e., a place where he will be safe after hearing the word of Allah if he does not become Muslim. End quote.

Fath al-Qadeer, 2/491.


Islam does not approve of a relationship and meetings between a young man and a girl that are outside the framework of marriage. So you have to repent to Allah from what you are doing. If you hope that this girl will become Muslim, then our advice to you is that you should marry her so that you can help her to become Muslim, and a reward like hers will also be written for you.

We ask Allah to guide and help you.

And Allah knows best.


From : Islam Q&A

Is there is Somethimg Wrong In this Picture !

Priest dies during sex with horse

Washington – Priester Gerald Pointer (48) ließ sich in einem Stall bei Seattle (USA) von einem Hengst besteigen. Der Gottesmann erlitt dabei einen Dickdarmriss, starb an den Folgen. Der Priester ließ den Tiersex von LKW-Fahrer James Tait (54) filmen. Dem Mann drohen jetzt 5000 Dollar Geldstrafe. Tiersex ist im Bundesstaat Washington nicht verboten.
Quelle: BILD, 24.10.05

The Translation

Washington – Priest Gerald Pointer (48) left in a house in Seattle (U.S. climb) from a stallion. The man of God suffered while a Dickdarmriss, died of the consequences. The priest left the Bestiality of truck driver James Tait (54 films). The man now facing $ 5,000 fine. Bestiality is not prohibited in Washington State


Allah (SWT) ordained that plants, people and animals receive their food from what plants produce in their green factories.

These green factories are built up by the plant at the beginning of its growth and are called by botanists “Chloroplasts” which contain the chlorophyll which the Qur’an calls “Al-Khadir” (green substance),
where the plant utilizes the light energy and changes it into chemical energy leading ultimately to the production of various kinds of grain, fruit and other parts of vegetation that we see in gardens and fields.

The Qur’an draws our attention to these facts in the Saying of Allah (SWT): (It is He who sends down water (rain) from the sky. With it We produce vegetation of all kinds from which (water or plants) We produce green substance (Khadir), out of which We produce grain in clusters. And out of date-palms, from their spathes come forth clusters of dates hanging low and near, and (We produce) gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranates, each similar (in leaves or shape), yet different (in fruit and taste). Look at (and think over) their fruits when they begin to bear fruit, and (look at) the ripeness thereof. Behold! In these things there are Signs for people who believe.) (VI: 99)

Thus, these green factories appear in the plant at the beginning of its growth. The plant is produced from its seed or part of its body by means of water. Allah (SWT) sends rain down from the sky to produce with it vegetation of all kinds, and from the plant He produces these green factories that produce the substances necessary to produce grain, fruit and all the other parts of the plant.

Yet this fact was not uncovered to people till 1600 AD, after 300 years of research, when botanists carried out numerous researches and experiments in the field of botanical physiology to understand the process of photosynthesis.

In 1804 AD, De Saussure proclaimed that there are two types of gas exchange: one type takes place in the light, the other in the dark, and that it is the green parts of the plant that absorb CO2 and release O2 in the presence of light. Then there proceeded continuous discoveries in this field.

In 1942 AD Meyer said that the original source of energy used by plants and animals is the sun and that the light energy absorbed by plants is converted into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

961 AD Glass said that the most significant compounds involved in the process of converting the light energy into chemical energy in plants are the pigments found inside the chloroplasts or “pigment carriers”.

The plant starts photosynthesis by means of these components and organelles. All this results in producing carbohydrates which are involved in complex biological processes that produce the raw material for the cellular wall, amino acids, proteins, lipids, hormones, pigments, …etc. These substances are the essential matter to make all the plant parts which people and animals feed on.

Aspects of the miracle:

Scholarly researchers in the field of plant physiology have discovered that the green substance (the chloroplasts) absorbs the light energy and converts it into chemical energy to produce various fruits. This discovery was realized after continuous studies and various experiments that lasted for three centuries, up to the twentieth century.

This process of producing grain, fruits and trees was an unknown secret hidden deep in the thycloids of the chloroplasts that cannot be seen with the naked eye and which have been known by botanists only after a prolonged series of continuous researches and studies carried out by scholars over several centuries.

And only after methods of precise scientific investigation were available that they ultimately declared that in the plant there is a green substance and that it is this substance that produces carbohydrates that constitute the basic matter for producing all types of fruit, tree and vegetation.

This is what the Holy Qur’an decided fourteen centuries ago and was conveyed by an illiterate Prophet who lived in a desert environment among an illiterate nation at a time when no equipment of scientific research were available.

The Verse of the Holy Qur’an could have done without mentioning the “green substance” and nobody would have objected to that, except one that knew the fundamental role of that substance. However, its mention implies that the one who mentions it knows well its main role in the production of grain, fruit and all tree and vegetation. How great it is of the Holy Qur’an to mention the truth and guide people on the road to find out the secret, by saying: (Look at (and think over) their fruits when they begin to bear fruit and (look at) the ripeness thereof.) It draws the attention to the beginning of the fruit formation and its relation with ripeness whereupon no more fruits are produced because the leaves of some plants turn yellow and their cells die.

Who, then, informed Muhammad (Peace be upon him) of this fact? Muhammad, the illiterate Prophet, who lived in an illiterate culture, at a time when the simplest instruments were not available, let alone possessing the advanced instruments and research centers and laboratories in the field of plant physiology that are required to discover these facts.

The existence of this precise botanical information in the Qur’an proves that it is from Allah, Who says: (But Allah bears witness to that which He has sent down to you. He has sent it down with His Knowledge, and the angles bear witness, and Allah is sufficient as a witness.) (IV: 166)

R. Abed Al Majeed Al Zanadanee

Quran Miracle Encyclopedia

From the newspaper Awake 8th Of  Septemper  1957

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17- Solar apex

God says in the Holy Quran
“And the sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing. “
(The Qur’an, 37:38)
These facts communicated in the Qur’an have been discovered by astronomical observations in our age. According to the calculations of experts on astronomy, the Sun is traveling at the enormous speed of 720,000 kilometers an hour in the direction of the star Vega in a particular orbit called the Solar Apex. This means that the sun travels roughly 17,280,000 kilometers a day. Along with the Sun, and all planets and satellites within the gravitational system of the Sun also travel the same distance. In addition, all the stars in the universe are in a similar planned motion.

What is the definition of the Solar apex according to wikipedia

The solar apex, or the Apex of the Sun’s Way, refers to the direction that the Sun travels with respect to the Local Standard of Rest

18 – The Returning Sky

The verse 11 of Sura Tarik in the Qur’an, refers to the “returning” function of the sky.

“By Heaven with its cyclical systems.”
(The Qur’an, 86:11)

This word interpreted as “cyclical” in Qur’an translations also has meanings of “sending back” or “returning”.

As known, the atmosphere surrounding the Earth consists of many layers. Each layer serves an important purpose for the benefit of life. Research has revealed that these layers have the function of turning the materials or rays they are exposed to back into space or back down to the Earth. Now let us examine with a few examples of this “recycling” function of the layers encircling the Earth.

The troposphere, 13 to 15 kilometers above the Earth, enables water vapor rising from the surface of the Earth to be condensed and turn back as rain.

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

The ozone layer, at an altitude of 25 kilometers, reflects harmful radiation and ultraviolet light coming from space and turns both back into space.

The ionosphere, reflects radio waves broadcast from the Earth back down to different parts of the world, just like a passive communications satellite, and thus makes wireless communication, radio, and television broadcasting possible over long distances.

The magnetosphere layer turns the harmful radioactive particles emitted by the Sun and other stars back into space before they reach the Earth.

The fact that this property of the atmosphere’s layers, that was onlt demonstrated in the recent past was announced centuries ago in the Qur’an, once again demonstrates that the Qur’an is the word of God.

19 – Resevation of Pharoah’s Body

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلةThe Quran states pharaoh was drowned in the Red Sea while chasing after Moses and Allah said He would preserve Pharaoh dead body as a sign for the future. Dr. Maurice Bucaille in his book*1*, “Bible, Quran and Science” makes it clear this has happened and the very person of Pharaoh has been discovered in Egypt and is now on display for all to see.

This event took place thousands of years before Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it came true in the last few decades, many centuries after his death.
So,how did the prophet know this info for more 1400 years old,if he is not a prophet from the well-kowing Allah??!!

The Pharaoh body was saved although the Bible (Torah) says, ‘Pharaoh was drowned in the Red Sea while chasing Moses and his companions’
Bible: “And the waters returned, and covered the Chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.” (Exodus, 14:28)

Amazingly, when this was all the world knew about the drowning of Pharaoh, the Quran produced this astounding revelation: “We shall save you in your dead body this day, so that you may become a sign to all posterity.” (Koran: 10:92)

Resevation of Pharoah’s Body (dr. Maurice Bucaille , yusuf Estes)

20 – water cycle

The Qur’an told us in a scientific way about all related facts to the water cycle and descending of rains. Let us look attentively at these holy verses which speak about every part of the water cycle.
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

The sun is the driver of the aquatic cycle, God says :( And we have made (therein) a shining lamp (sun).)(Sûrat An-Naba’-verse13). Sun spreads the necessary heat and light to evaporate water and to form winds.

Winds are the second driver of the aquatic cycle, God says :( And We send the winds fertilizing (to fill heavily the clouds with water), then cause the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores [i.e. to give water to whom you like or to withhold it from whom you like].)(Sûrat A-Hijr- verse 22).

Water which descends from the clouds is stored in the ground for hundreds of years without being spoiled ,taking into consideration that anyone may store the water for only couple of days it will spoil; God says:( it is not you who are the owners of its stores) ( Sûrat A-Hijr- verse 22).

After evaporation of water it condenses in the sky in form of clouds, then winds fertilize the clouds, God says :( And we send the winds fertilizing) (Sûrat A-Hijr- verse 22).

The Qur’an told us about the high heavy clouds which are responsible for rains and ice, God says: (See you not that Allah drives the clouds gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap of layers, and you see the rain comes forth from between them; and He sends down from the sky hail (like) mountains, (or there are in the heaven mountains of hail from where He sends down hail), and strikes therewith whom He wills, and averts it from whom He wills. The vivid f lash of its (clouds) lightning nearly blinds the sight)(Sûrat An-Nûr-verse43)

The water” which descends” is stored inside the ground in form of sweet springs to enable life to continue, God says: (See you not that Allah sends down water (rain) from the sky, and causes it to penetrate the earth, (and then makes it to spring up) as water-springs, and afterward thereby produces crops of different colors, and afterward they wither and you see them turn yellow; then He makes them dry and broken pieces. Verily, in this is a Reminder for men of understanding.)(Sûrat Az-Zumar-verse21). If these crops are not transferred to the yellow to be dry and broken pieces and if it remained Green, the cycle of plant wouldn’t be renewed and we wouldn’t get benefit from those broken pieces which transfer to be oil over hundreds of yeas.

Scientists say that all of these operations are according to very organized and constant physical laws, God says: (And we sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure and we gave it lodging in the earth, and verily, we are Able to take it away.)(Sûrat Al-Mu’minûn-verse18). Look at the word “in due” which refers to discipline and arrangement.

The most important part in this cycle, what is happening at the area which is called the mouth (where rivers flow in seas), Qur’an says: (And it is He who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): this is palatable and sweet, and that is salt and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them.)(Sûrat Al-Furqân-verse 53) .Unless Rivers are flowing in seas, those seas would be drought. That what happened in the Aral Sea which was supplying by two rivers and because of a human interruption by stopping that supplying, the sea became empty.

Scientists say that mountains have a vital role in the descending of rains, forming the clouds and in water purification. God says: (And have placed therein firm, and tall mountains, and have given you to drink sweet water?)(Sûrat Al-Mursalât- verse 27).In this verse a clear link between the mountains and the sweet water.

These verses were descended 1400 year ago, with a precise de**(Part of text is lost , sorry)ion for the water cycle which was discovered 100 years ago! Isn’t this a proof that the Qur’an is the book of Allah?

We Completed This Research Thanks to Allah

This research written and translated by out sister

Mahabet Al-Rahman

The original Arabic Research

The Translated Research

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The Translated Research

15- The seas sitting on bed of fire

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

God says in the Holy Quran
(And seas sitting on bed of fire (6)) (Surah 52: 6)

In the bottom of the sea there is fissures and crust cracks where melted
lave flows through from underneath the ground.
The modern science discover these cracks where melted lave flow into the water for hundreds of meters . This appears as if the sea is being on fire . this fact is known to us by Quran when God Almighty swear by sea being on fire

16- Pulsar
God says in the Holy Quran ” I swear] by Heaven and the Tariq ( The Knocker ) ! And what will convey to you what the Tariq is? The Star Piercing [the darkness]! (Qur’an, 86:1-3) “

God in the above mentioned verse , though He needn’t swear , Did swear by that star.when God swears , he swears by something great and also what He swear on is assuredly great.

The word ( Tarek and the word Al-thakeb ) are two different Arabic words that are used in the above-mentioned verse to describe the Pulsar , the word Altarek means in English ” the Knocker or that beats quickly and the word ” Al-thakeb” means ” piercing “, these two characteristics ( knocker and piercing ) are one of the most specific features of pulsar .
Characteristics of the celestial object mentioned in (Qur’an, 86:1-3) are:

1- It pulsates (knocks) 2- It is a star 3- It penetrates, pierces, drills
These pulsars , though originate in massive explosion being encompassed with dense matter , they strikingly begin to shine with strong light and radiation that pierce every celestial body , the Quranic word ” Thakeb ” gives the two meanings . Scientists use many words to describe these pulsars but the Holy Quran use just two words that imply all the characteristics of the pulsar .

Is their really a stars that are Piercing and make Knocking Sounds
The Scientific Proofs

1- Pulsars do make Knocking Sounds

2- Pulsars are Piercing

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلةPulsars are the original gamma-ray astronomy point sources

A pulsar is a neutron star which emits beams of radiation that sweep through the earth’s line of sight. Like a black hole , it is an endpoint to stellar evolution

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

In the bottom of the sea there is fissures and crust cracks where melted
lave flows through from underneath the ground.
The modern science discover these cracks where melted lave flow into the water for hundreds of meters . This appears as if the sea is being on fire . this fact is known to us by Quran when God Almighty swear by sea being on fire

9 – The Desc ription of the Barrier Between Two Seas

God says in the holy quran
(He has let free (maraja) the two seas meeting together. Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress.) (Surah 55 : 19-20)

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

Oceanographers, in the wake of the scientific progress in this age, have discovered the barrier between two seas. They have found that a barrier separates two neighboring seas. The barrier moves between them, and it is called by scientists “a front” compared to the front between two armies. By virtue of this barrier each sea retains its own characteristics which Allah (SWT) has assigned to it and which are suitable for the organisms living in that environment.


We built seven firm layers above you. We installed a blazing lamp. (Qur’an, 78:12-13)

As we know, the only source of light in the Solar System is the Sun. With advances in technology, astronomers discovered that the Moon was not a source of light but that it merely reflects the light reaching it from the Sun. The expression “lamp” in the above verse is a translation of the Arabic word “sirajan,” which most perfectly describes the Sun, the source of light and heat.

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

In the Qur’an Allah employs different words when referring to such celestial bodies as the Moon, the Sun and the stars. This is how the differences between the structures of the Sun and Moon are expressed in the Qur’an

Do you not see how He created seven heavens in layers, and placed the moon as a light in them and made the sun a blazing lamp? (Qur’an, 71:15-16)

In the above verse, the word “light” is used for the Moon (“nooran” in Arabic) and the word “lamp” for the Sun (“sirajan” in Arabic.) The word used for the Moon refers to a light-reflecting, bright, motionless body. The word used for the Sun refers to a celestial body which is always burning, a constant source of heat and light.

On the other hand, the word “star” comes from the Arabic root “nejeme,” meaning “appearing, emerging, visible.” As in the verse below, stars are also referred to by the word “thaqib,” which is used for that which shines and pierces the darkness with light: self-consuming and burning:

It is the star that pierces through darkness! (Qur’an, 86:3)

We now know that the Moon does not emit its own light but reflects that reaching it from the Sun. We also know that the Sun and stars do emit their own light. These facts were revealed in the Qur’an in an age when mankind simply did not have the means to make scientific discoveries of their own accord. It was an age when peoples’ knowledge of celestial bodies was severely restricted, to say the least. This further emphasises the miraculous nature of the book of Islam.


in the other hand the bible said

Isaiah 30 )New International Version)

26 The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he inflicted.


نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة
While it is stated in the Qur’an that it is easy for Allah to bring man back to life after death, peoples’ fingerprints are particularly emphasized

Yes, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers. (Qur’an, 75:4

The emphasis on fingerprints has a very special meaning. This is because shapes and details on everyone’s fingerprint are unique to each individual. Every person who is alive or who has ever lived in this world has a set of unique fingerprints. Furthermore, even identical twins having the very same DNA sequence have their own set of fingerprints.105

Fingerprints attain their final shape before birth and remain the same for a lifetime unless a permanent scar appears. That is why fingerprints are accepted as a very important proof of identity, exclusive to their owner. The science of fingerprints has been used as a non-erring identity determination method

However, what is important is that this feature of fingerprints was only discovered in the late 19th century. Before then, people regarded fingerprints as ordinary curves without any specific importance or meaning. However in the Qur’an, Allah points to the fingertips, which did not attract anyone’s attention at that time, and calls our attention to their importance. This importance has only been fully understood in our day

12 – The internal waves &The Darkness in the deep seas and Oceans

The Quran on the deep seas and oceans and internal waves

God has said in the Quran in this concern what means : Or (the unbelievers’ state) is like the darkness in a deep sea. It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds. Darknesses, one above another. If a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it….(Quran, 24:40)

We can understand from the following sentences in the previous verse, “…in a deep sea.”that the seep sea is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds….”. It is clear that the second set of waves are the surface waves that we see, because the verse mentions that above the second waves there are clouds. But what about the first waves? Scientists have recently discovered that there are internal waves which “occur on density interfaces between layers of different densities.”

What does verse mean ?

(1)There are successive layers of darkness till we reach the dark sea.
(2)the word ( Zolmat in Arabic rendered “darkness in English ) used in plural in the verse , here is another miracle as the Quran uses the word in plural, which means that there are successive stages of darkness or a number of layers of darkness before we reach the dark sea and these layers are caused by the clouds , then the layer of darkness caused by the surface sea and the water below and then the layers of darkness caused by the internal waves .
(3) This part of the verse “If a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it…. ” refers to the age of submarines as no can go so deep by himself or without being aided by technology .

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

13- The sensation of skin pain

It was commonly believed, for several centuries, that the body is all sensitive to pain. It was not clear then that there were specialized nerves in the body responsible for transporting all kinds of pain and other sensations, until recently when anatomy has discovered the role of specialized nerve endings in transporting all different kinds of pain.

The most significant nerve sensations in the human body are:
The sensation of touch: the corpuscles responsible for such sensation are called Meissners and Merkels corpuscles.
The sensation of pain: this is transported by the nerve endings in the skin.
The sensation of heat: this is the responsibility of Ruffini cylinders corpuscles.

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

1- Burns of first degree (sun burns): these affect the epidermis causing swelling and moderate pain. The phenomena of redness, swelling and pain usually disappear within two to three days.
2- Burns of second degree: epidermis and dermis are injured. In such a case, a detachment occurs between epidermis and dermis, causing the collection of secretions between these two layers .The injured person suffers from severe pain, and excessive increase of pain sensation, due to irritation of exposed nerve ending particularly after the outburst of blisters. The skin starts to heal within 14 days as a result of the process of renovation and inversion under the skin.
3- Burns of third degree: the whole skin thickness is burned and perhaps the injury may reach the muscles or the bone. The skin loses elasticity and becomes rough and dry. In this case, the injured person do not feel much pain, as nerve endings have been damaged almost completely due to burning

The Quran states ; “Those who reject our signs, We shall cast into the fire; as often as their skins are roasted through. We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the punishment; for Allah is Exalted in power; Wise.” ( 4:56)

Allah did not say “as often as their skins are burned”, as burning could be partial, but He rather said: “as often as their skins are roasted through”, i.e., totally burned with all nerves of sensation and pain. So, He the Almighty associated between the sensation of pain and the skin when roasted and burned totally, thus losing its structure and function. When sensation of pain is lost, a new fully composed and functional skin is replaced, where the nerve ending responsible for the painful sensation of heat and burn perform and function to make the unbeliever taste the punishment of being burned with fire over and over again
read what is written in the wikipedia about that

14- Dyspnea in the upper layers of sky
God says :( and whomsoever He wills to send astray, He makes his breast closed and constricted, as if he is climbing up to the sky)(Sûrat Al-An’âm- verse 125).
The first apparent that man faced in travelling in the space and tried to overcome it was the (dyspnea),and this problem occurs from the rarity of air in the upper layers of the sky (space) and we can notice that the quran foretold about this problem from 1400 years ago and behold that no one was awared by this problem till the scientists discovered that in the present century.

Quran ( :125] Those whom God (in His plan) willeth to guide,- He openeth their breast to Islam; those whom He willeth to leave straying,- He maketh their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies: thus doth God (heap) the penalty on those who refuse to believe.)
god said in the previous versus that the one who climb up in the sky his breast is clothed and constricted.
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

To Be continued SooN

In Shaa Allah

15- The seas sitting on bed of fire
God says in the Holy Quran
(And seas sitting on bed of fire (6)) (Surah 52: 6)


God says in the Holy Quran what means:
We made the sky a preserved and protected roof yet still they turn away from Our Signs..”
(The Qur’an, 21:32)

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

This attribute of the sky has been proved by scientific research carried out in the 20th century: The atmosphere surrounding the Earth serves crucial functions for the continuity of life. While destroying many meteors-big and small-as they approach the Earth, it prevents them from falling to Earth and harming living things.
In addition, the atmosphere filters the light rays coming from space that are harmful to living things. The most striking feature of the atmosphere is that it lets only harmless and useful rays-visible light, near ultraviolet light and radio waves pass through. All of this radiation is vital for life. Near ultraviolet rays, which are only partially let in by the atmosphere, are very important for the photosynthesis of plants and for the survival of all living beings. The majority of the intense ultraviolet rays emitted from the Sun are filtered out by the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Only a limited and essential part of the ultraviolet spectrum reaches the Earth.
The protective function of the atmosphere does not end here. The atmosphere also protects the earth from the freezing cold of the space, which is approximately -270oC.
It is not only the atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful effects. In addition to the atmosphere, the Van Allen Belt-the layer caused by the magnetic field of the Earth-also serves as a shield against the harmful radiation that threatens our planet. This radiation, which is constantly emitted by the Sun and other stars, is deadly to living things. If the Van Allen belt did not exist, the massive outbursts of energy called solar flares that frequently occur in the Sun would destroy all life on Earth.

7-The earth in quran is spherical

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

1- first proof
God says in the holy quran
He created the heavens and the earth in true (proportion): He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night..(Al-Qur’an 39:5)
The Arabic word used here is ‘Kawwara’ meaning ‘to overlap’ or ‘to coil’ – the way a turban is wound around the head. The overlapping or coiling of the day and night can take place if the earth is spherical
2- second proof
And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse). (Al-Qur’an 79:30)
The Arabic word for egg here is ‘Dahaha’ which means an ostrich-egg. The shape of an ostrich-egg resembles the geo-spherical shape of the earth.
79:30 He made the earth egg-shaped (The Rashad Khalifa translation)

The Bible says: The Earth is flat!

Early Muslim Consensus: The Earth is Round

8 – The Seven Layers of Earth

God says in the Holy Quran:
1- He (Allah) Who created the seven heavens one above the other – [Al Mulk: 3]
2- Allah is He Who created seven heavens and the earth the like of them – [ Al Talaaq: 12]

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

The layers of earth according to modern science are seven
Here is a brief synopsis of the depths of each layer (in kilometers):

1. 0- 40 Crust
2. 40- 400 Upper mantle
3. 400- 650 Transition region
4. 650-2700 Lower mantle
5. 2700-2890 D” layer
6. 2890-5150 Outer core
7. 5150-6378 Inner core

To Be Comtinued soon In Shaa Allah

The layers of earth according to modern science are seven
Here is a brief synopsis of the depths of each layer (in kilometers):

1. 0- 40 Crust
2. 40- 400 Upper mantle
3. 400- 650 Transition region
4. 650-2700 Lower mantle
5. 2700-2890 D” layer
6. 2890-5150 Outer core
7. 5150-6378 Inner core


1) Muhammad (pbuh) prophesised in the book of Deuteronomy:

a) God Almighty speaks to Moses in Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 18:

“I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

b) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is like Moses (pbuh):

i) Both had a father and a mother.

ii) Both were married and had children.

iii) Both were accepted as Prophets by their people in their lifetime.

iv) Both besides being Prophets were also kings i.e. they could inflict capital punishment.

v) Both brought new laws and new regulations for their people.

vi) Both died a natural death.

c) Muhammad (pbuh) is from among the brethren of Moses (pbuh). Arabs are brethren of Jews. Abraham (pbuh) had two sons: Ishmail and Isaac. The Arabs are the descendants of Ishmail (pbuh) and the Jews are the descendants of Isaac (pbuh).

d) Words in the mouth:

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was unlettered and whatever revelations he received from God Almighty he repeated it verbatim.

Deuteronomy (18:18):

“I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

2) Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesised in the book of Isaiah:

It is mentioned in the book of Isaiah chapter 29 verse 12:

“And the book is delivered to him that is not learned saying, ‘Read this, I pray thee’; and he saith, ‘I am not learned’.

“When Archangel Gabriel commanded Muhammad (pbuh) by saying ‘Iqra’, he replied “I am not learned”.

3) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned by name in the Song of Solomon chapter 5 verse 16:

“Hikko Mamittakim we kullo Muhammadim Zehdoodeh wa Zehrace Bayna Jerusalem.”

“His mouth is most sweet: ye, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughter of Jerusalem.”

By Dr .Zakir Naik

Islamic Research Foundation

Is it Islam alone that allows polygamy ?

Polygamy is not a practice limited to the religion of Islam; rather, it is something well-known in the history of the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, as well.  It is only in the later times that their religious men frowned upon it or forbade it outright.  However, when we looks into the early history of the religions, we will find that it was at least an acceptable practice, if not encouraged.

Polygamy in Judaism

Polygamy existed among the Israelites before the time of Moses, who continued the institution without imposing any limit on the number of marriages which a Hebrew husband might contract.

Let us look at some of the verses from the Old Testament that allow polygamy:

In Exodus 21:10, a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry.

In 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3, King David had six wives and numerous concubines.

In 1 Kings 11:3, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

In 2 Chronicles 11:21, King Solomon’s son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.

In Deuteronomy 21:15 “If a man has two wives, and he loves one but not the other, and both bear him sons….”

There are a lot more verses from the Old Testament that allow polygamy

The Jewish Encyclopedia states “While there is no evidence of a polyandrous state in primitive Jewish society, polygamy seems to have been a well-established institution, dating from the most ancient times and extending to comparatively modern days “

Another common practice was the taking of concubines. In later times, the Talmud of Jerusalem restricted the number by the ability of the husband to maintain the wives properly.  Some rabbis, however, counseled that a man should not take more than four wives.  Polygamy was prohibited in Judaism by the rabbis, not God.  Rabbi Gershom ben Judah is credited by forbidding polygamy in the 11th century . yet polygamy is still in practiceamong the 180,000 Bedouin of Israel. It is also frequent among Jews living in Yemen, rabbis permitting Jews to marry up to four wives.  In modern Israel, where a wife cannot bear children or is mentally ill, the rabbis give a husband the right to marry a second woman without divorcing his first wife.

Polygamy in Christianity :

History says that Polygamy was practiced among the Christians , it seems that there were some human resolutions that stopped it . In the eighth century Charlemagne, holding power over both church and state, in his own person practiced polygamy . St. Augustine seems to have observed in it no intrinsic immorality or sinfulness, and declared that polygamy was not a crime where it was the legal institution of a country. He wrote in The Good of Marriage (chapter 15, paragraph 17), that polygamy …was lawful among the ancient fathers……..” He declined to judge the patriarchs, but did not deduce from their practice the ongoing acceptability of polygamy . During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther said, “I confess for my part that if a man wishes to marry two or more wives, I cannot forbid him for it does not contradict the Scripture.”African churches have long recognized polygamy. Early in its history, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints practiced polygamy in the United States.  Splinter groups left the Church to continue the practice after the Church banned it.  Polygamy among these groups persists today in Utah, neighboring states, and the spin-off colonies, as well as among isolated individuals with no organized church affiliation.

According to Father Eugene Hillman, ‘Nowhere in the New Testament is there any explicit commandment that marriage should be monogamous or any explicit commandment forbidding polygamy.’[7]  The Church in Rome banned polygamy in order to conform to Greco-Roman culture that prescribed only one legal wife while tolerating concubinage and prostitution.

In the Bible , Jesus never reject the old testament but even said  ”   “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law (the Old Testament) or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” (Matthew 5:17-18) .

There were some situations that imply that Jesus implicitly approved of  polygamy ,   according to Matthew 5:17-18 above, we clearly see that Jesus honored the  Old Testament, and forces Christians to follow the unmodified laws of it that have not been replaced by newer ones in the New Testament.  The Old Testament as we clearly see above does indeed allow polygamy without a shadow of a doubt !!. There is not a single verse from the New Testament that prohibits polygamy.   Jesus’ parable allows polygamy between 1 man (the bridegroom) and 10 virgins (5 became his wives and slept with him)!  19:1-12  Jesus didn’t ban polygamy .In Matthew

New Testament insists on monogamy only for bishops and deacons. No church council in the earliest Christian centuries opposed polygamy. St. Augustine clearl)’ declared that he did not condemn it. Luther tolerated it and approved of the bigamous status of Philip of Hesse. In 1531 the Anabaptists preached polygamy and the Mormons of today believe in it (see Abd al Ati, The Family Structure in Islam, American Trust Publications, 1977, p 114 : Until this very day, the church in some African countries conducts the marriage of men to more than one wife. In Europe, the attempt to legally enforce monogamy and outlaw polygamy took place as late as the late sixth and early seventh centuries.

In Matthew 19:3 , Jesus was asked ” whether or not it is allowed for a man to divorce his wife.  Jesus immediately referred to the Old Testament for the answer in Matthew 19:4. According to this , man becomes a one flesh with his wife in Matthew 19:5-6, this doesn’t mean that the man can’t be one flesh with another woman.  He can be one flesh with his first wife, and one flesh with his second wife, and one flesh with his third wife and so on.

In Matthew 22:24-28, the Jews referred to Deuteronomy 25:5 from the Old Testament where it states that if a woman’s husband dies, and she didn’t have any kids from him, then she must marry his brother regardless whether he had a wife or not.  When the Jews brought this situation up to Jesus in Matthew 22:24-28, Jesus did not prohibit at all for the childless widow to marry her husband’s brother (even if he were married).  Instead, Jesus replied to them by saying that we do not marry in heaven, and we will be like angels in heaven (Matthew 22:30).

Jesus’ parable allows polygamy between 1 man (the bridegroom) and 10 virgins (5 became his wives and slept with him)!

Multiple wives in Islam

Unlike other religions the question of polygamy is clear in Islam and restricted . Though Islam permitted polygamy , there are certain restrictions concerning this matter . Before the advent of Islam , polygamy was widely a spread custom and the number of wives was limitless , it was Islam that restricted that number .

God says in the Holy Quran what means “Marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one.” Al-Qur’an (4:3)

“You will never be able to be fair and just among women (wives)….” Qur’an (4:129)

Wives rights in this connection
Multiple marriages lay a heavy responsibility on men, which is why Allah allowed having more than one wife only if the husband treats his wives equally. If a man has more than one wife, he must treat them all in an equal manner, emotionally and financially. For example, he has to provide separate living accommodation for each of his wives.

Since it is very difficult to be just with all wives, in practice, most of the Muslim men do not have more than one wife.
Therefore polygamy is not a rule or an order but an exception. Many people are under the misconception that it is compulsory for a Muslim man to have more than one wife.
However men are prohibited from cheating on their wives, meaning a man can’t marry another woman without the knowledge of his wife. He should tell her, for she might refuse such situation, and in this case it’s totally her right if she asked for divorce.

Marriage is a matter of mutual consent. Only that woman can be made a second or a third wife who is willing to be so. And when this matter rests wholly on the willingness of the woman, there is no cause for objection.

The verse of polygamy was revealed after the invasion Uhad where a lot of Moslems were martyred and where a large number of widows and orphans were left liable to hardships of life .
The reason for multiple wives in Islam was not mainly to satisfy men’s desire and that’s it, but for the welfare of the widows and the orphans of the wars. During war times, many women are unable to find husbands, and they might prefer to be a co-wife than no wife.

Polygamy renders the best solution

studying of mortality shows that the rate is higher for men than for women. This disparity is in evidence from early childhood to extreme old age. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: “In general, the risk of death at any given age is less for females than for males.”
It is widely established that the number of women outnumber the number of men due to certain reason :

(1) wars . It is reported that In the First World War (1914-18) about 8 million soldiers were killed. Most of the civilians killed were also men. In the Second World War (1939-45) about 60 million people were either killed or maimed for life, most of them men. In the Iraq-Iran war alone (1979-

1988), 82,000 Iranian women and about 100,000 Iraqi women were widowed. All in the space of ten years.

2- Imprisonment : In the U.S , no less than 1,300,000 people are convicted daily for one crime or anther. A number of them – 97% of whom are men – are obliged to serve lengthy prison sentences.Work accidents and street accidents are also among the these reasons .

According to data collected in 1967, in that year a total of 175,000 people died as the result of accidents in fifty different countries. Most of these were men.
For reasons of this nature, women continue to outnumber men. This difference persists in even the most developed societies e.g. in America. According to data collected in 1967, there were nearly 7,100,00 more women than men. This means that even if every single man in America got married 7,100,00 women would be left without husbands.

In facts , some nations do not practice polygamy as this is an act against man-made laws but they really did , the possibility of transferring biological fatal diseases are so high , such communities suffer from ADS , an innocent wife or husband may be the victim . social ills are rampant . The question is which is better to solve this problem ? The best answer is ” let’s go back to God’s solution ” A dark picture is awaiting , unless we stop outdoor-relations .

During the Second World War, in which several western countries such as Germany, France, Britain, etc. took part, a large number of men were killed. As a result, women far outnumbered men at the end of the hostilities. Permissiveness then became the order of the day, to the extent that boards with such inscriptions as “Wanted: A Guest for the Evening” could be seen outside the homes of husbandless women. This state of affairs persisted in western countries in various forms, even long after the war, and is now largely prevalent because of industrial and mechanical accidents.

Billy Graham, the eminent Christian evangelist has recognized this fact: “Christianity cannot compromise on the question of polygamy. If present-day Christianity cannot do so, it is to its own detriment. Islam has permitted polygamy as a solution to social ills and has allowed a certain degree of latitude to human nature but only within the strictly defined framework of the law. Christian countries make a great show of monogamy, but actually they practice polygamy. No one is unaware of the part mistresses play in Western society. In this respect Islam is a fundamentally honest religion, and permits a Muslim to marry a second wife if he must, but strictly forbids all clandestine amatory associations in order to safeguard the moral probity of the community.”

By May Saleh and Magdy Abd AL-SHafy

Quran Miracle Encyclopedia

Dr :Wa’dee, a former deacon, reverts to Islam

Praise be to Allah  that I became a Muslim, in fact my journey to Islam started so early.

when I was still young, my doubts about Christianity were so strong when I was a mature  young man. I will bring to light some incidents that happened in my childhood and youth stage and that led me to Islam.

Childhood stage

My father was a preacher, affiliated to the association of the Holy Book, his main goal was to evangelize in the nearby villages where the poor Muslims worked.

My father insisted that I should be a deacon. Though I was still six; I attended the church lessons, usually given on Sundays.

The oft-repeated lessons that we received were:

Muslims conquered Egypt and tortured its Christian aboriginals.

Muslims are heathen, much worse than the adherents of  Buddha and even much more bad than cow worshippers

The Holy Quran is not a Divine Book and that Muhammad invented it.

Muslims persecute the Christians to enforce them to leave Egypt.

Many other black seeds were planted in our minds at that time.

At this early age, father used to talk to us about the deviation of the church from the true Christianity, which banned  icons, statues and prostrating to the leaders of the church.

The stage of youth ( The maturation of the black rancor)

I have been qualified as a teacher for the deacons, I was eighteen years old,  my job included many other programmes, among which visiting monasteries periodically especially in summer. In these monasteries Christians scholars are invited to give lectures on how to criticize Islam; they would for example say:

The Holy Quran is replete with contradictions; to furnish their sayings they would use a half of a verse without completing it to distort its meaning, an example of this:

“Don’t approach the prayers…”

They would also  misinterpret words such as” Ne’kah”, this word means in Arbic” marriage” but they interpret it as ” adultery”

Also they claim that the Holy Quran has borrowed its teachings from Christianity and that Muahammas( SAW) has learned the Holy Quran at the hand of the monk Bohyra and that later Muhammad killed him so that people could not know anything about this matter.

They would mock the prophet , many of his sayings and the Holy Quran.

Embarrassing questions:

At that time I, along with my friends, used to pose such question to the high priests to answer, for example:

What is your opinion about Muhammad?

The priest:

He is astute and genius.


But there are many geniuses in history, why did many people follow Muhammad and still do while they did not follow those historical geniuses?! Why his religion is the fastest expanding religion in the world.

The priest tries to fumble for answer but in vain.

What is your opinion about the Holy Quran?

The Priest:  It is a good book, contains many stories about the prophet but is replete with errors.

Why do you proscribe reading it and deem whoever touches or read it an infidel?

The priest insists that whoever reads it is infidel without giving good reasons.

If Muhammad had been an imposter, why wouldn’t God have finished him though it is written in the Holy Book( Armenia ) that God promised to finish who ever claims prophet- hood along with his family within just a year.

The Priest:

Perhaps God wants to test the Christians.

Puzzling questions

In 1971 the patriarch Shounoda issued an order for the priest Rofa’eel not to lead people in prayers simply because he didn’t mention his name (Shounoda )in the prayer, Samouel, another priest, tried to convince the patriarch that he was just praying worshipping God, but he feared that the patriarch would excommunicate him, too.

The Monk Samouel commented on such strange decision by  posing  this question:

Can  the Sheik of Azhar( similar position to the job of the patriarch in Islam) prevent anyone from praying?! Impossible.

What really confounds me is that a each Christian sect charge the other of  infidelity, I asked the priest Metas about this and he affirmed that saying that this is God’s will.

I asked him” Does this mean that we are  unbelievers simply because the Pope in Roma think so?!

Yes, we are

And does this mean that all the other sects are unbelievers because the patriarch in Alex think so?

Yes they are.

So what is our situation on the Last Day?

May Allah be merciful to all of us.

My conversion to Islam

It happened that I was in the church looking at the statue of Jesus, I wondered how can this whom people humiliated and tortured be a god?

I should worship the lord of this weak man, I was confounded when I read in Deuteronomy that the Cross and whoever was hanged on it is also cursed( Deuteronomy 21:22-23)

In 1981, I spent most of my time debating with my Muslim neighbors, one day one of them was talking about justice in Islam( heritage, divorce, retribution)

He asked me if  there are any parallels in Christianity?

I answered:

“No, there are not.”

I began to wonder:

How could a man( the Prophet Muhammad) , just a simple man, living in the desert in the seventh century bring such a perfect system of law?

Also I wondered how milliards of Jews and Christians couldn’t, through the span of history, prove that he was an imposter.

During the period between (1982-1990), I used listen to Muslims colleagues in the hospital discussing the prophetic words; in the beginning I felt jealous but I eventually abandoned myself to these discussions, I was overwhelmed by such polysmous prophetic words that are miraculously, though very few, phrased and  has a lot of meanings … I began to believe that this man must be a prophet.

Did father converted to Islam?

Among the hidden factors that led me to Islam was my father;  he left the church, he left  preaching and many other things altogether .

He, towards the end of his life, refused to kiss the hands of the priests- something awful in Christianity.

He never believed (  in bread and wine), i.e, Jesus incarnation.

He didn’t go to the church any more in the morning and instead he got up late at noon, had a shower and went out at the time of the Muslim prayer.

At the afternoon prayer( Al’asar), he used to seek excuses to go out and he didn’t come back until it was late after the Muslim night prayer( Al’asha)

He prevented my sisters  from going  to the hairdresser.

He began to say Muslim words which are completely alien to the Christian words such as I seek refuge with God against the devil and so many.

Later after his death and while I was going through his Bible, I found pieces of paper on which he recorded some biblical errors and contradiction.

While looking at his library, I found my grandfather’s bible which was printed in 1930, I noticed that he, too, recorded some remarks, among which the change of the word” master to my Lord”, an attempt  to convince people that the worship of Jesus was as early as his birth.

The way to the Mosque

On my way back home, there is a mosque. It happened that when I was back home that I had a look inside it; there weren’t any thing similar to that in the church; no decorations, no paintings, no pictures, no musical instruments, no singing or  clapping. Nothing there but praying to God, all people stand in  successive rows, the poor beside the rich, the simple people beside the nobles. I compared what inside the church to that in the mosque but the mosque always won.

In the light of the Holy Quran

I decided to buy the Holy Quran to read, I read it in just two days,  I was I afraid that I found contradictions like that I found in the Holy Book, I found out that what they taught us in the church was a big hoax. I was overwhelmed by a verse in which the One ( God) Who  was addressing Muhammad told him that he ( Muhammad) would die… Who could say that but God?!

I prayed to God to guide me

It was a cold night in which I stayed up late praying to God to guide me, I put the Holy Quran aside and I slept. I had a dream at that night; the whole of the room was illuminated by a strong light, suddenly a man appeared, his face was shinning with light, he came closer to me and pointed to the Holy Quran,  I stretched my hand to touch but he disappeared, I had a strong feeling that he was the Prophet Muhammad, he just wanted to say that the Holy Quran is the way of guidance.

I decided to embrace Islam, I left my home, it was six in the morning, I passed by the church, I entered and addressed the decorations, the statues there, I said,

“I am now going to where I would declare that I converted to Islam, if I am wrong, show any sign or any miracle but no reply.”

I cried my eyes for the days I wasted but I felt that my tears purified me from polytheism


If we cannot find any evidence supporting the Trinity, is there any evidence in the Holy Bible supporting the contrary, which is Monotheism?
One who studies the Holy Bible will find that the Trinity is a strange concept, and that the Holy Bible is full of obvious facts declaring monotheism in Christianity. There are many passages in the Holy Bible, which clearly declare that Monotheism was the belief of Jesus (PBUH), his disciples, and all the prophets (PBUT) before him.
First: Monotheistic Passages in the Old Testament
Monotheism is obvious in the Old Testament. Prophets (PBUT) spoke of it and remind us many times about it, and the passages strongly reassure this belief. Some of these passages are the following:
What we find in the Book of Deuteronomy about Moses’ (PBUH) commandments, which Allah (S.W) wrote on two stones and ordered the Children of Israel to keep, and Jesus (PBUH) after him confirmed them. “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” (Deut. 6:4-9)
“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me.” (Deut. 5:6-7)
Allah’s (S.W) commandment to Moses (PBUH) and to the Children of Israel, “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” (Ex. 20:2-4)
In the First Book of Kings “that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God; there is no other.” (Kings(1) 8:60)
In Psalms “All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God.” (Psalms 86:9-10). That means He is the One and Only God, and no one – including Jesus (PBUH) – shares that with Him.
In the Book of Isaiah, we read, “Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me. I, I am the LORD, and besides me there is no savior. I declared and saved.” (Isaiah  43:10 -12)
“So now, O LORD our God, save us from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you alone are the LORD.” (Isaiah  37:20)
“I am the LORD, who made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself.” (Isaiah 44:24) this is totally contrary to the concept of the Trinity.
“I am the LORD, and there is no other, besides me there is no God” (Isaiah 45:5)
In Isaiah’s prophecy, we read, “Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: “I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god. Who is like me? Let him proclaim it. Let him declare and set it before me…. Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any.” (Isaiah 44:6 – 8)
There are many other passages in the Old Testament. (Malachi 2:10, Kings 1 8:27, …)

Second: Monotheistic Passages in the New Testament
The books of the New Testament clearly declare that Allah (S.W) is the One and Only God, Lord and Creator. The Gospels’ writers indicate that Jesus (PBUH) and his disciples were the people who uttered these words.

-     Jesus’ saying, “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ.” (Matt 22: 9 – 10)
“A man came up to him, saying, “Teacher, what good deed must I do to have eternal life? And he said to him, “Why do you ask me about what is good? There is only one who is good.” (Matt 19:16-17)
In the Book of John, “When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you. Since you have given him authority over all flesh, to give eternal life to all whom you have given him. And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. (John 17:1 – 3) . Therefore, there is no true God except One, and he is Allah (S.W).
When trying to tempt Jesus (PBUH), the devil said, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.” (Matt. 4:10) the same is in Luke. (Luke 4:8)
Jesus (PBUH) told the Jews, “You are doing what your father did.” They said to him, “We were not born of sexual immorality. We have one Father–even God.” Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me.” (John 8:41- 42)
These passages and many others speak about One God, and there is nothing in them that speak about three beings uniting in one person as the Christians claim.
The Trinity is a Mystery Unacceptable by the Mind
With this clear contradiction between the Church Councils’ decisions and the Bible’s monotheistic passages, Christians had to use their minds to solve this matter. They had to solve these contradictions, which are impossible to put together, and explain to people the issue about the three who are one, and about the one who is three.
In addition, with the weakness of this dogma, and the impossibility of understanding it by the human mind, Christians have no choice but to say that the Trinity is a mystery that is impossible to comprehend. Moreover, some Christians confess that Christianity conflicts with the mind.
Saint Augustine said, “I believe because that is unacceptable by our mind”.
Kier Cougard said, “Each attempt to make Christianity a credible religion would result in destroying it.” In ‘The Christian Teachings’ we read, “It is not allowed to ask about God’s secrets, because we cannot comprehend the belief’s secrets.”
In his book, ‘The Catholic Teachings’, priest De Grout said, “The Holy Trinity is a puzzle in the truest sense, and our mind cannot digest a Tri-God, but this what the inspiration taught us.”
Describing the Trinity, Zaki Shnouda said, “It is one of the divine mysteries, which is impossible for our mind to comprehend.”
Father James Ted said, “Christianity is beyond the mind’s understanding”
Priest Anis Shoroush said, “One in three and three in one, are mysteries you do not have to understand, but you have to accept.”
In his book ‘Eternity Secret”, priest Tawfiq Jayed made understanding the Trinity impossible, and there is no point in trying to do so, because, as he said, “whoever tries to understand it completely, is like he who wants to put the ocean’s water in his palm.”
Due to all of this misleading, the truth will disappear, which is that the Trinity is an impossible creed to understand; not because of the weakness of our mind, but because it conflicts with common sense and human nature.

A Christian complains about prohibition of Muslims celebrating or congratulating people at Christmas

Why do you condemn the celebration of what the Christians think is birth of the son of God (Allah)? We should be teaching respect for other peoples and religions. Yet with such condemnation and calling it falsehood, it makes it difficult for rational, honest, and respectful persons to communicate.
Praise be to the One God, who begets not, nor is begotten.
You seem to have misinterpreted the condemnation of celebration of Christmas as a matter of disrespect for Christians. In reality, it is out of respect for Allah and Jesus and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them. It is an integral part of our faith to reject celebrations that have not been prescribed and/or that have a basis in falsehood, as inevitably they lead to misguidance and alterations in faith, as has happened with Christianity. There is nothing “radical” or “fringe” about this. It is our basic right to protect our faith and practice from distortion and falsehood. Surely no one has a right to condemn us for this.
Do you think Encyclopedia Britannica is rational and honest? Please read what they have to say about Christmas:
Excerpts quoted directly from :
The word Christmas is derived from the Old English Cristes maesse, “Christ’s Mass.”:
(There is no certain tradition of the date of Christ’s birth. Christian chronographers of the 3rd century believed that the creation of the world took place at the spring equinox, then reckoned as March 25; hence the new creation in the incarnation (i.e., the conception) and death of Christ must therefore have occurred on the same day, with his birth following nine months later at the winter solstice, December 25).

According to a Roman almanac, the Christian festival of Christmas was celebrated in Rome by AD 336…
(The reason why Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25 remains uncertain, but most probably the reason is that early Christians wished the date to coincide with the pagan Roman festival marking the “birthday of the unconquered sun”) (natalis solis invicti); this festival celebrated the winter solstice, when the days again begin to lengthen and the sun begins to climb higher in the sky. The traditional customs connected with Christmas have accordingly developed from several sources as a result of the coincidence of the celebration of the birth of Christ with the pagan agricultural and solar observances at midwinter. In the Roman world the Saturnalia (December 17) was a time of merrymaking and exchange of gifts. December 25 was also regarded as the birth date of the Iranian mystery god Mithra, the Sun of Righteousness. On the Roman New Year (January 1), houses were decorated with greenery and lights, and gifts were given to children and the poor.
Food and good fellowship, the Yule log and Yule cakes, greenery and fir trees, and gifts and greetings all commemorated different aspects of this festive season. Fires and lights, symbols of warmth and lasting life, have always been associated with the winter festival, both pagan and Christian. Since the European Middle Ages, evergreens, as symbols of survival, have been associated with Christmas…  [end quote]
So as any rational person can see, there is no sound basis for Christmas, nor did Jesus (peace be upon him) or his true followers celebrate Christmas or ask anyone to celebrate Christmas, nor was there any record of anyone calling themselves Christians celebrating Christmas until several hundred years after Jesus. So were the companions of Jesus more righteously guided in not celebrating Christmas or are the people of today?
So if you want to respect Jesus, peace be upon him, as Muslims do, don’t celebrate some fabricated event that was chosen to coincide with pagan festivals and copy pagan customs. Do you honestly think God, or even Jesus himself, would approve or condemn such a thing? If you say approve, then obviously you are not interested in the truth.
We ask Allaah, the One, Singular God, with no partners or sons, the God of all creation and mankind, to guide us all to the path of guidance and sincerity.

By Sheikh : Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


A Christian is asking about the reason for the prohibition on pork in Islam

Why does Islam forbid pork, when the pig is one of the creations of God?
Praise be to Allaah.


Our Lord has forbidden eating pork in definitive terms. Allaah says(interpretation of the meaning):
“Say (O Muhammad): I find not in that which has been revealed to me anything forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it be Maytah (a dead animal) or blood poured forth (by slaughtering or the like), or the flesh of swine (pork); for that surely, is impure or impious (unlawful) meat (of an animal) which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allaah (or has been slaughtered for idols, or on which Allaah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering)…” [Al-An’aam:145]
By the mercy of Allaah and His kindness towards us, Allaah has permitted us to eat all good things, and He has not forbidden anything but those that are impure. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“…he allows them as lawful At-Tayyibaat (i.e. all good and lawful as regards things, deeds, beliefs, persons and foods), and prohibits them as unlawful Al-Khabaa’ith (i.e. all evil and unlawful as regards things, deeds, beliefs, persons and foods)…” [Al-A’raaf:157]
We do not doubt for an instant that the pig is a dirty and filthy animal, and that eating it is harmful to man. Moreover it lives on dirt and filth, and it is something that is off-putting to those of a sound nature who refuse to touch it, because eating it is either a cause or a sign of a person’s oddness.
With regard to the physical harm caused by eating pork, modern science has proved a number of things, such as the following:
‎    Pork is regarded as one of the kinds of meat that contain the most cholesterol, an increase of which in the bloodstream leads to an increased likelihood of blocked arteries. The fatty acids in pork are also of an unusual formation, when compared with the fatty acids in other types of food, which makes them more easily absorbed by the body, thus increasing cholesterol levels.
‎    Pork meat and pork fat contribute to the spread of cancers of the colon, rectum, prostate and blood.
‎    Pork meat and pork fat contribute to obesity and related diseases that are difficult to treat.
‎    Eating pork leads to scabies, allergies and stomach ulcers.
‎    Eating pork causes lung infections which result from tapeworms, lungworms and microbial infections of the lungs.
The most serious danger of eating pork is that pork contains tapeworms which may grow to a length of 2-3 meters. The growth of the eggs of these worms in the human body may lead to insanity and hysteria if they grow in the area of the brain. If they grow in the region of the heart that may lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks. Another kind of worm that is to be found in pork is the trichinosis worm that cannot be killed by cooking, the growth of which in the body may lead to paralysis and skin rashes.
The doctors have confirmed that tapeworm disease is regarded as one of the serious diseases that may result from eating pork. It may develop in the small intestine and after several months may grow into a large worm whose body is composed of a thousand segments, with a length of 4-10 meters, which lives alone in the intestine of the infected person and part of it may appear when he defecates. When the pig swallows and ingests its eggs, they enter the tissues and muscles in the form of larvae sacs containing fluid and the head of the tapeworm. When a person eats infected pork, the larva turns into a complete worm in the intestine. These worms cause weakness and vitamin B12 deficiency, which leads to a specific type of anaemia, which may in turn cause nervous problems. In some cases the larvae may reach the brain, causing convulsions, increased pressure within the brain, epilepsy and even paralysis.
Eating pork that is not thoroughly cooked may also lead to trichinosis (infestation with a hairlike nematode worm). When these parasites reach the small intestine, three to five days later many larvae appear which enter the intestine and reach the blood, from which they reach most of the tissues of the body. The larvae move to the muscles and form cysts there, and the patient suffers intense muscle pains. The disease may develop into infection of the cerebral membrane and brain, and infections of the heart muscle, lungs, kidneys and nerves. It may be a fatal disease in rare cases.
It is well known that there are some diseases that are unique to humans and are not shared with any other animals except pigs, such as rheumatism and joint pain. Allaah indeed spoke the truth when He said (interpretation of the meaning):
“He has forbidden you only the Maytah (dead animals), and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allaah (or has been slaughtered for idols, on which Allaah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering). But if one is forced by necessity without willful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then there is no sin on him. Truly, Allaah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Baqarah: 173]
These are some of the harmful effects of eating pork. Perhaps after studying them you will not have any doubts that it is forbidden. We hope that this will be the first step in your being guided towards the true religion. So stop, research, look and think, objectively and fairly, seeking only to find out the truth and follow it. I ask Allaah to guide you to that which is best for you in this world and in the Hereafter.
But even if we did not know about the harmful effects of eating pork, this would not change our belief that it is haraam in the slightest, or weaken our resolve to abstain from it. You know that when Adam (peace be upon him) was expelled from the Garden, it was because he ate from the tree from which Allaah forbade him to eat. We do not know anything about that tree, and Adam did not need to enquire into the reason why it was forbidden to eat from it. Rather it was sufficient for him, as it is sufficient for us and for every believer, to know that Allaah has forbidden it.
Look at some of the harmful effects of eating pork; look at the research of the Fourth Annual Conference of Islamic Medicine, Kuwait edition, p. 731 ff; and al-Wiqaayah al-Sihhiyyah fi Daw’ al-Kitaab wal-Sunnah by Lu’lu’ah bint Saalih, p. 635 ff.
But we ask you once again: Isn’t pork forbidden in the Old Testament which forms part of your Holy Book?
“Do not eat any detestable thing. These are the animals you may eat… The pig is also unclean; although it has a split hoof, it does not chew the cud, you are not to eat their meat or touch their carcasses.”
(Deuteronomy 14:3-8)
See also Leviticus 11-1-8.
We do not need to quote evidence that pork is forbidden for the Jews. If you have any doubt then ask people and they will tell you. But what we think we need to draw you attention to is some other things that are also mentioned in your Holy Book, this time in the New Testament which tells you that the rulings of the Torah still apply to you and cannot be changed. Doesn’t it say in the Bible that the Messiah said:
“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”
Matthew 5:17-18?
With this text, we do not need to look for another ruling on pork in the New Testament, but we will add here another quotation which shows definitively that pork is impure:
“A large herd of pigs was feeding on the nearby hillside. The demons begged Jesus: ‘Send us among the pigs; allow us to go into them.’ He gave them permission, and the evil spirits came out and went into the pigs.”
Mark 5:11-13
Perhaps you will say that this is abrogated, and that Peter said such and such and Paul said such and such…?
This is changing the words of Allaah and abrogating the Torah and the words of the Messiah who confirmed to you that it would abide as long as heaven and earth remain. Can this be abrogated by the words of Paul or Peter?
Let us assume that this is true and that the prohibition was indeed abrogated, but why are you criticizing this prohibition in Islam when it was prohibited for you at first?
With regard to your saying that if eating it is forbidden, then why did Allaah create pigs? We do not think that you are serious, otherwise we would ask you: why did Allaah create such and such of other things that are harmful or repulsive? Rather we would ask you: why did Allaah create the Shaytaan?
Is it not the prerogative of the Creator to command His slaves as He will, and to rule them as He will? No one can overturn His ruling or change His words.
Is it not the duty of the created being, the slave, to say to his Lord, whenever He commands him to do something: “We hear and we obey”?
You may enjoy its taste and want to eat it, and those around you may enjoy it, but doesn’t Paradise deserve some sacrifice on your part of that which your heart desires?

By Sheikh :Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


The Gospel of Barnabas: A Witness and a Victim

Thanks are due to Allah (the Almighty) for the bliss of Islam, the greatest bliss one can ever have.

We really feel proud that we are Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the most honorable human being that has ever been created and members of the most charitable nation brought out to mankind. All the prophets and messengers brought glad tiding of this nation and this Prophet (Peace be upon him) and ordered their people to follow and support that Prophet if they live at his time. Therefore, it is not strange to find among the texts of the Bible references to that issue despite all efforts of distortion. Gold glitters despite all the dust that may fall on it and Allah (the Almighty ) reveals the right in order to be a proof.

Who was Barnabas?

Barnabas was one of the Disciples of prophet Isa (Jesus) (Peace be upon him) and the writer of the Gospel that includes the right narration of many events at that time. However, in 492 AD, Pope Gelasius prohibited its circulation because it opposed the concept of Divinity bestowed on prophet Isa (Peace be upon him). Latin monk Fra Marino got the Gospel of from the private library of his friend, Pope Sixtus (1585-90) Barnabas from the Papal Library, read it and then embraced Islam as Dr. Khalil Sa’dah, the Christian scholar, mentioned in the preface to his translation of this Gospel.

The description of Barnabas in the Gospels reveals an honest and truthful man and one of the most devout disciples as mentioned in the Acts of Apostles:

“Then tidings of these things came unto the ears of the church which was in Jerusalem: and they sent forth Barnabas, that he should go as far as Antioch. 011:023 Who, when he came, and had seen the grace of God, was glad, and exhorted them all, that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord. For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and offaith: and much people was added unto the Lord.” (22-24)

The question is: why many people joined him and advocated his call? This is because his faith was that of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the faith that is clear and straightforward, the faith that does not include the unsolvable and unfathomable mysteries of trinity and the like Christian concepts that need years to be understood, if so at all.

The Gospel of Barnabas

The following are some quotations from this persecuted Gospel.

The verses 1-15 of the ninety-six chapter of the Gospel of Barnabas read as follows:

“When the prayer was ended, the priest said with a loud voice: “Stay, Jesus, for we need to know who you are, for the quieting of our nation.” Jesus answered: “I am Jesus, son of Mary, of the seed of David, a man that is mortal and fears God, and I seek that to God be given honour and glory.”

The priest answered: “In the Book of Moses it is written that our God must send us the Messiah, who shall come to announce to us that which God wills, and shall bring to the world the mercy of God. Therefore I pray you tell us the truth, are you the Messiah of God whom we expect?”

Jesus answered: “It is true that God has so promised, but indeed I am not he, for he is made before me, and shall come after me.” The priest answered: “By your words and signs at any rate we believe you to be a prophet and an holy one of God, wherefore I pray you in the name of all Judea and Israel that you for love of God should tell us in what wise the Messiah will come.”

As for the glad tiding of the coming the final prophet, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is mentioned in name and in description. In the ninety-seven chapter we the verses 4-10 read as follows:

“Then Jesus said: “With your words I am not consoled, because where you hope for light darkness shall come; but my consolation is in the coming of the Messenger, who shall destroy every false opinion of me, and his faith shall spread and shall take hold of the whole world, for so has God promised to Abraham our father. And that which gives me consolation is that his faith shall have no end, but shall be kept inviolate by God.”

The priest answered: “After the coming of the Messenger of God shall other prophets come?” Jesus answered: “There shall not come after him true prophets sent by God, but there shall come a great number of false prophets, whereat I sorrow. For Satan shall raise them up by the just judgment of God, and they shall hide themselves under the pretext of my gospel.” Herod answered: “How is it a just judgment of God that such impious men should come?””

Moreover, the name of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is mentioned in the verses 13-18 of the abovementioned chapter:

“Then said the priest: “How shall the Messiah be called, and what sign shall reveal his coming?” Jesus answered: “The name of the Messiah is admirable, for God himself gave him the name when he had created his soul, and placed it in a celestial splendour. God said: “Wait Muhammad; for your sake I will to create paradise, the world, and a great multitude of creatures, whereof I make you a present, insomuch that whoever shall bless you shall be blessed, and whoever shall curse you shall be accursed. When I shall send you into the world I shall send you as my Messenger of salvation, and your word shall be true, insomuch that heaven and earth shall fail, but your faith shall never fail.” Muhammad is his blessed name.” Then the crowd lifted up their voices, saying: “O God send us your Messenger: O Muhammad, come quickly for the salvation of the world!””

At the end the only thing that we can say is what Allah (the Almighty) says in the Noble Qur’an and can be translated as:

“Say, “O population of the Book, (Or: Family of the Book, i.e., the Jews and Christians) come to a level word between us and you, that we worship none except Allah, and that we do not associate anything with Him, and that some of us do not take to themselves others (Literally: some “others”) as lords, apart from Allah.” So, in case they turn away, then say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims.” (Literally: we have surrendered “to Allah”).” (3:64)

Of Course No Comment Pope

From Newspaper: The Courier Mail – Australia – 26 March 2010

From Newspaper: Fort Worth Star Telegram – USA – 31 March 2010

From Newspaper: Herald Sun – Australia – 29 March 2010

From Newspaper: Tornto Star – Canada – 29 March 2010

From Newspaper: Daily Mirror – UK – 26 March 2010

From Newspaper: Dominion Post – New Zealand – Saturday March 27 – 2010

A series of scientific miracles in the Quran


God says in the Holy Quran53. Soon will We show them our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?Surah 41 :53-

The Creation of The Universe in The Qur’an

:God says in the Holy Quran:” Do not the disbelievers see that the heaven and the earth were joined together , before We clove them asunder? (surah 21 :30)” {Surah Al-Anbiya (The Prophets)the Qur’anic ayah states that the heavens and earth were joined together (the Qur’anic term is “Ratq”, in the sense of union). Taking into account the evolution of the universe since its birth, we will find the first event was the separation of matter and radiation when the universe was about 100 thousand years old. At that time, matter was formed of nuclei of hydrogen, helium, and some other elements as well as cluster floating in the ‘radiation soup’. In this form of matter during the universe’s infancy was the origin of all kinds of materials that exist now in the universe whether on earth, or overhead in the sky.Radiation, or photons, began to lose temperature gradually as the universe continues to expand. The decline of the temperature reached a point when radiation filled all the universe. Thus the implication of heavens and earth being in union is that matter and radiation were merged together (“Ratq” in Arabic), as the origin of everything in heavens and earth. The “Fatq” (as mentioned in the Arabic  of the Qur’an) cleavage, it is their separation which came later, matter becoming the earth, the planets, the stars, the galaxies and other astronomical material, and radiation becoming the regions of the sky and the horizon of the whole universe, just as modern science informs us.

Fore More Information

2- The Expansion of the UniverseGod says in the Holy Quran

:“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) expander.” (Quran 51:47)At the time of the revelation of the Quran, the word “space” was not known, and people used the word “heaven” to refer to what lies above the Earth. In the above verse, the word “heaven” is referring to space and the known universe. The verse points out that space, and thus the universe, happens to be expanding, just as Hubble’s Law states.That the Quran mentioned such a fact centuries before the invention of the first telescope, at a time when there was primitive knowledge in science, is considered remarkable. This is more so considering that, like many people in his time, Prophet Muhammad happened to be illiterate and simply could not have been aware of such facts by himself. Could it be that he had truly received divine revelation from the Creator and Originator of the universe?

For more


God says in the Holy Quran:88- When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving like clouds. Such is the artistry of God, who disposes of all things in perfect order. He is indeed fully aware of what you do.27-The Ant, 88The mountains’ features seem to make them the most stationary components of the earth’s surface. The idea of the unattainability of mountains led certain primitive mentalities to believe in polytheism and fancy that the mountains were the abode of divinities. The idea of mountain peaks being beyond man’s reach was an illusion, as was also their stationary aspect. The verse refers to this illusion and speaks of the motion of mountains like clouds. If the mountains that had a stationary aspect did move, it would follow that the earth itself also moved. The verse thus dismisses the idea of a fixed world entertained as a consequence of false perception, and informed the public of the time of the movement of mountains, likening them to clouds.Galileo Galilei (Italian astronomer and physicist) argued that the earth moved and the sun stood in the center and because of what he said the church forced him to spend the last eight years of his life under house arrest.

4- Orbits

While referring to the sun and the moon in the Qur’an, it is emphasized that each moves in a certain orbit.( It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon.They swim along, each in an orbit.) (Surat al-Anbiya, 33)It is mentioned in another verse too that the sun is not static but moves in a certain orbit:( And the sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.) (Surah Ya Sin, 38)These facts communicated in the Qur’an have been discovered by astronomical observations in our age. According to the calculations of experts on astronomy, the sun is traveling at the enormous speed of 720 thousand kilometers an hour in the direction of the star Vega in a particular orbit called the Solar Apex. This means that the sun travels roughly 17 million and 280 thousand kilometers a day. Along with the sun, all planets and satellites within the gravitational system of the sun also travel the same distance. In addition, all the stars in the universe are in a similar planned motion.That the entire universe is full of paths and orbits such as this one, is inscribed in the Qur’an as follows:( By the sky full of paths and orbits.) (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 7)

نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

To Be Continued Soon

In Shaa Allah

4- Orbits

While referring to the sun and the moon in the Qur’an, it is emphasized that each moves in a certain orbit.
( It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon.They swim along, each in an orbit.) (Surat al-Anbiya, 33)

It is mentioned in another verse too that the sun is not static but moves in a certain orbit:
( And the sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.) (Surah Ya Sin, 38)

These facts communicated in the Qur’an have been discovered by astronomical observations in our age. According to the calculations of experts on astronomy, the sun is traveling at the enormous speed of 720 thousand kilometers an hour in the direction of the star Vega in a particular orbit called the Solar Apex. This means that the sun travels roughly 17 million and 280 thousand kilometers a day. Along with the sun, all planets and satellites within the gravitational system of the sun also travel the same distance. In addition, all the stars in the universe are in a similar planned motion.
That the entire universe is full of paths and orbits such as this one, is inscribed in the Qur’an as follows:
( By the sky full of paths and orbits.) (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 7)

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